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This easter egg is in the HP 200LX self test mode. With the palmtop powered off, the user may press [ESC][ON] to start the self test mode, then cursor down to the display option. On pressing [CTRL][ENTER], then holding down [SHIFT] while pressing [ENTER] 13 times, the user comes to an allegorical poem, about the history and future of the HP LX palmtops. The poem is as follows (note that the project names for the HP 95LX, the HP 100LX and the HP 200LX are 'Jaguar', 'Cougar' and 'Felix' respectively, and that 'Felix' was the first LX to include Quicken):

Nine lives has a Cat, and each Cat a name,
All of them different, none are the same.
Jaguar was first, it made quite a roar.
Cougar was next, oh, how it did soar.
Felix is third, my heart it does quicken,
Who knows what comes next, the clock is a tickin'.

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